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River Cruise in Rangoon

Yangon River Cruise If you want to enjoy a brand new experience of Yangon tours, a cruise through the poetic rivers of the golden land will definitely a perfect choice. Taking a Yangon river cruise, you will have a chance to immerse in a peaceful 

People’s Park and Square

PEOPLE’S PARK People’s Park is located near the Western stairways of Shwedagon Pagoda. This park occupies over 130 acres between Shwedagon Pagoda and the Parliament building. There is a small museum exhibiting life-size models of nationalities in their colourful dress and flora and fauna. The 

Eight Tourist Attractions That You Must See in Yangon

  Yangon is often the first stop for foreigners visiting Myanmar. It is the former capital, the most populous city, and the largest commercial hub in the country. As a developing urban center it is changing quickly and becoming a more international city day by 

Nearest Places to Visit From Yangon

Letkokon Beach It is the nearest beach from Yangon, a distance of just under three hours drive, after ferry-crossing the Hlaing river, i.e Yangon river. Letkokon village and Ywa Thit Kone village just a kilometre further away are small fishing villages. Fresh and delicious seafood 

Sacred & Religious Sites in Yangon

Botataung Pagoda The Botataung Pagoda on the banks of the river in downtown Yangon is one of the city’s most highly revered temples. The 40 meter high golden pagoda enshrines a sacred hair relic of the Buddha. The Botataung Pagoda, also spelled Botahtaung Pagoda was 

Attractive Transportation of Yangon

Yangon provides several means of transportation, but the most ubiquitous and convenient for visitors are the numerous taxis. The main reason for this is because motorcycles and bicycles are not allowed within the city of Yangon whereas taxis are available everywhere. There are thousands of 

Thiri Mingalar Market

Thiri Mingalar Market is a massive, bustling produce market set on the banks of the Hlaing River. Open 24 hours, it’s an especially interesting place to visit in the early hours of the morning when the sea of brightly-colored vegetables, fruit, and flowers are stunning 

11 Top Things to Do in Yangon

1. Visit a Tea House Tea is everything in Myanmar, not only do they drink it, they eat it too (tea leaf salads). Tea houses in Yangon are simply an institution. On almost every corner, small adorable child-sized plastic tables and chairs fill the sidewalks 

Yangon Zoological Garden

Yangon Zoo is located near Kandawgyi Garden. the Zoo is noted for its collection of wild animals. flora and fauna which have been collected over the years since it was opened in 1906. HISTORY OF YANGON ZOO Yangon Zoological Gardens was established in 1901 with 

Top 10 Shopping Centers in Yangon

Although Yangon may not be a heaven of shopping, visitors always find it irresistible doing shopping when roaming around Yangon where interesting products including clothes, silverware, handicrafts, jewelry and lacquerware touted all the way. You will feel excited to shop in Yangon where bargain is