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FMI Center

FMI Center

The modern Parkson FMI department store has three levels of mainly international fashion and cosmetic brands, including Van Heusen and Quiksilver. The ground level hosts a well-stocked CityMart. Address Parkson FMI Center 380 Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Pabedan Township  

Hledan Centre

Hledan Centre

Shopping centre are one of the most frequently visited places for many urban youngsters and families nowadays. Hledan cetre is one of the best place to engage the audience. Our promotion area is one of the best place in town to do for the Product 

A walk down Food Streat at Junction City

A walk down Food Streat at Junction City

On the fifth floor of Junction City are 18 food stalls serving international and local cuisine that together make up Food Streat. Priced from between 1,000-5,000 kyats, the dishes can be purchased with a food court card that requires topping up before you enter. On the way out you can collect any remaining balance.

So what restaurants are there? Enough to please the whole family. The cheap and cheerful vibe has also proved a hit with locals and foreigners. It opens from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 10am, Friday to Sunday. I visited to sample a few of the stalls…

Min Lan Seafood and Rakhine Traditional Food

Min Lan Seafood and Rakhine Traditional Food

Spicy food lovers can enjoy a welcome wake-up call on the corner of Food Streat, where Min Lan serves hot fried rice, salads and soups done the Rakhine way. Most popular is the mont ti and if things get too hot chow down on the mixed vegetable salad.


Soy-Stewed Pork Rice

Taiwan Snacks

Contrary to the name, this place has some fairly heavy dishes. Their signature is sweetened pork with soy and my personal favorite was the soy-stewed pork rice for 4,500 kyats.

Myot Myittar

Myot Myittar

A good spot for a quick lunch—it has some solid sets of traditional Myanmar food, including rice salad, pounded pickled tea, and dried mutton.

Juice Corner

Sip some traditional Myanmar tea and treat yourself to some waffles topped with vanilla ice cream at this sugar haven.

Tint Tint

Those with a sweet tooth and a curiosity for Myanmar’s classic desserts should spend some time here sampling the cocunut jelly, egg pudding, palmira snak and more.

New airport-downtown shuttle bus service

New airport-downtown shuttle bus service

Anybody yearning for a bus option close to Yangon Airport will welcome the news that a YBS (Yangon Bus Service) station has opened right outside the airport. The bus is colored red and white and has ‘shuttle service’ marked on it. Operating from 4am to 

Luxury heritage hotel opens in downtown Yangon

Luxury heritage hotel opens in downtown Yangon

Yangon’s latest luxury hotel, Yangon Excelsior, has opened in the city’s downtown. The five-star property is set in a renovated 19th century heritage building that was once the headquarters of the Steel Brothers Limited Company. The hotel on Bo Soon Pat Street offers 74 rooms, 

Nearest Places to Visit From Yangon

Nearest Places to Visit From Yangon

Letkokon Beach

It is the nearest beach from Yangon, a distance of just under three hours drive, after ferry-crossing the Hlaing river, i.e Yangon river. Letkokon village and Ywa Thit Kone village just a kilometre further away are small fishing villages. Fresh and delicious seafood and juicy tropical fruit of the season can be enjoyed to your contentment. A Sunbath under the shady coconut groves sipping tender coconut milk under the sunny sky would be a pleasant time to pass. The one and only hotel, the “Letkokon Beach Hotel” with a number of Chalet type bungalows is located at the end of the driveway leading from the beach. Poor road, electricity supply, tele-coms, accommodation, fresh clean water, modern conveniences and other facilities are limited. Over a century old monastery of teak logs and planks and another about half a century old are in the vicinity of Ywa Thit Kone. The Ayeyarwady River, which branches into several rivulets in the Delta Region before entering into the sea deposits fertile silt to form the Delta, where nutrient and fragrant rice cultivation, thrives on the rich soil. During the monsoon and highwaters the sea is rather muddy. The Chaung Tha Beach further west, the Kan Thar Yar Beach and the Ngapali Beach in the north-west on the Rakhine Coast where the sea water is clear for swimming and surfing. Facilities are better.

Bago Attractions

Myasigon Paya - Bago Myanmar

Though not as well known as Shwesandaw, this is the most interesting of the three Myanmar famous zedi in town. A brick pahto beneath the stupa features glass mosaic arches, paintings taungoo Myanmar kings and a huge, bronze and silver-faced sitting Buddha in royal attire. The image is surrounded by planet Buddhas for specific planets, corresponding to the days of the week, andan arrangement usually reserved for stupas.

Thayekhittaya - Bago Myanmar

About 8km east of the Aung San statue in the neighbouring Myanmar village of Hmawza, this Myanmar ancient site known to Pali-Sanskrit scholars as Sri Ksetra is an enormous Pyu city that ruled in the area from the 5th to 9th centuries AD. Local legend links its origin to the mythical Myanmar King Dattabaung, who supposedly worked with ogres and other Myanmar supernatural creatures to build the “magical city” in 443BC.


Payagyi Paya - Bago Myanmar

This towering Myanmar pagoda stands on the road to Thayekhittaya, about 1.5km east of the Myanmar bus station in Pyay. Payagyi Paya served as one of the four corners that bounded that Myanmar ancient town, its breasts like structure is slightly swollen, with some vegetation growing out of cracks in the exposed bricks. Three terraces encircle it from its base; “ladies” are not allowed on the upper one.


Shwesandaw Paya - Bago Myanmar

Shwesandaw Paya is set on top a hill in the centre of Pyay Myanmar, the stunning Shwedandaw paya is not only Pyay’s biggest point of interest, but one of the country’s biggest Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Myanmar. Just over 1m taller than the Myanmar main zedi at Yangon’s Shwedagon call it Shwe-D Myanmar Shwesandaw stupa follows the classic Myanmar Burma design seen at Bagan’s Shwezigon.


Pyay, Prome - Bago Myanmar

In Myanmar, Pyay is quiet, stupa-studded Myanmar Ayeyarwaddy river side town, 294km north of Yangon Myanmar. Pyay is at the cross roads for bumpy bus rides west to Ngapali Beach in Myanmar, and less bumpy bus rides north to Bagan main Myanmar tourist place. Over the years it’s practically seen more archaeologists than travelers, due to the much-excavated ancient Pyu capital of Myanmar Thayekhittaya, 8km east.


Shwegugale Paya - Bago Myanmar

A little beyond Myanmar Mahazedi, this Myanmar Shwegugale zedi has dark go around the circumference of the cylindrical superstructure. The monument dates to 1494 and the reign of Myanmar king Byinnya Yan. Inside are 64 seated Myanmar Buddha figures.


Maha Kalyani Sima - Bago Myanmar

This Sacred hall of ordination was originally constructed in 1476 by Myanmar King Dhammazedi, the famous alchemist Myanmar king and son of Myanmar Queen Shinsawpu. It stands beside the road enroute from the triain station to the shwethalyaung in Myanmar Bago.

Kyaik Pun Paya - Bago Myanmar

There’s something uncannily impressive about these four seated Myanmar Buddhas with regal gazes that seem to see all, about 1.5 km out of bago just off the Yangon road. Built in 1476 by Myanmar King Dhammazedi, it consists of four 30 m high sitting Myanmar Buddhas placed back to back around a huge, square pillar.


Hintha Gon Paya - Bago Myanmar

Located behind the Myanmar Bago Shwemawdaw pagoda, this shrine has good views over Myanmar Bago town from the roofed platform on the hilltop. According to Myanmar legend, this Myanmar Bago pagoda was the one point rising from the sea when the mythological bird landed here. A stature of the bird, looking rather like the figures on opium weights, tops the hill.


Kanbawzathadi Palace and Museum - Bago Myanmar

The original site of Hanthawady, which surrounded a former Mon place, was excavated just south of the huge shwemawdaw Paya in Myanmar Bago. Walled in the Mon style, the square city measured 1.8 km along each side and has 20 gates. The palace compound in the centre, known as Kanbawzathadi, housed Myanmar King Bayinnaung from 1553 to 1599 and covered 82 hectares. About 26 hectares of this area have been excavated.

Shwemawdaw Paya in Myanmar stands northeast of Myanmar train station. You can’t miss this Myanmar stupa, as its height of 114 m dominates Bago town. The Shwemawdaw Myanmar paya is said to be over 1000 years old and was originally build by the Mon King to the height os 23m to enshrine two hairs of Buddha. In 825 Myanmar Shwemawdaw Paya was raised to 25m and then to 27m in 840.


Shwethalyaung Buddha - Bago, Myanmar

This Myanmar reclining Buddha is so big that from looking up from the bottom steps it’s impossible to determine exactly what’s ahead of you. The golden slap you see is only the torso. Measuring 55 m long and 16 m high and Myanmar Shwethalyaung Pagoda is 9 m longer than the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho in Bangkok, but still 19 m short of the Myanmar Buddha in Dawei. You’ll find the Shwethalyaung to the west of the Yangon Bago…

 Win Ka Baw Elephant Camp

Duration:7 HOURS (Incl. pick up & drop off)

Coverage:Yangon City Area

Pick Up/Drop Off Point: Hotel/Hotel(Yangon)

6:00 Am pick up at your hotel in Yangon. Morning at 6:00 Am direct drive for one and half hour to Win Ka Baw Elephant camp which is situated in the Bago Yoma mountain range, once was used as an industrial area for the state-run Myanmar Timber Enterprise and changed into elephant conservation camp to promote the Myanmar tourism, where you can gaze how elephants are being conserved, taken care, treated and their performance.

Moe Yun Gyi Wetland

At about 10:30 proceed to Moe Yun gyi wetland which is a vital shelter for both resident and migratory waterfowls. A census at Moe Yun Gyi revealed that there are 125 species of water birds including 70 species of migrants. Where you can have opportunities for study and recreation: watching resident and migratory water birds and enjoyment of natural view near Yangon, conducting research activities on wetland ecosystem, enjoying wetland environment by boat.

Sacred & Religious Sites in Yangon

Sacred & Religious Sites in Yangon

Botataung Pagoda The Botataung Pagoda on the banks of the river in downtown Yangon is one of the city’s most highly revered temples. The 40 meter high golden pagoda enshrines a sacred hair relic of the Buddha. The Botataung Pagoda, also spelled Botahtaung Pagoda was 

Attractive Transportation of Yangon

Attractive Transportation of Yangon

Yangon provides several means of transportation, but the most ubiquitous and convenient for visitors are the numerous taxis. The main reason for this is because motorcycles and bicycles are not allowed within the city of Yangon whereas taxis are available everywhere. There are thousands of 



Esperado Lake View Hotel is officially a 4-star hotel with the winning title of World Luxury Hotel Award in 2016. Conveniently located in the heart of Yangon, it sits across the Lake Kandawgyi with an only 10-min drive to the golden landmark, Shwedagon Pagoda and 15 minutes to Sule Pagoda.

Perfect for all business and leisure travelers seeking a modern tourist in the bustling streets of Yangon.

At the 9th floor, our Rooftop Bar & Restaurant features a panoramic 180° breathtaking view that captures the beauty of the serene Shwedagon Pagoda and Lake Kandawgyi.

Address : 23, Kan Yeik Thar Road, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yangon.

Phone : +95 1 861 9486
Website :

Shwe Pu Zun Cafeteria & Bakery House

Shwe Pu Zun Cafeteria & Bakery House

Founded Shop No 1 in 1978 at No 246/248 , Anawrahta Road, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon,Myanmar. Shop No 2 in 2005 at No 14(A),Minnandar Road, Dawbon Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Shop No 3 in 2010 at Oaktarathiri Township, Near Ingyin Pan Wyne, Nay Pyi Taw. Details Products